Zentrum-Nord (Gohlis)


Zentrum-Nord is a small area squished between the Hauptbahnhof (Central train station) and the much larger Zentrum-Nordwest with Gohlis to the north. Much of Zentrum-Nord is taken up by a huge railway yard. The tram stop, park and church on Nordplatz (tram 12) marks the approximate centre of the residential area.

The most visible landmark is the huge Westin hotel in the southern part of the area nearest the Zentrum. This part is mostly offices and hotels including the wonderfully derelict Hotel Astoria. The northern part has some lovely residential streets such as Lumumbastraße and Trufanowstraße, with loads of shops and restaurants nearby on Gohliser Straße.

Gohlis is a large sprawling mostly residential area broken into Gohlis-Süd, Gohlis-Mitte (‘middle’) and Gohlis-Nord. Except for Gohlis-Süd we don’t consider Gohlis to be a central area of Leipzig. For newcomers we recommend living in Gohlis-Süd on the south side of Georg-Schumann-Straße. If you live in Gohlis-Süd you can bike or walk into the Zentrum through the wonderful Rosental park.

Zentrum-Nord doesn’t have an obvious vibe like some other areas. It’s mostly associated with the Hauptbahnoff and being vaguely ‘downtown’. If you value being within short walking distance of the Zentrum then put Zentrum-Nord on your list of places to live.

Westin hotel Zentrum-Nord, Leipzig
Westin hotel Zentrum-Nord, Leipzig


Modern apartments in Gohlis
Modern apartments in Gohlis

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