Wave Gotik Treffen


Wave-Gotik-Treffen (WGT) is a gothic music and fashion festival held every year in Leipzig. It’s the biggest of its kind anywhere and is considered the ‘Mecca’ for this sub-culture. The exact dates for Leipzig’s WGT change from year to year but it’s always four days sometime between the middle of May and middle of June.

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Previous and future planned WGT dates:

2015: May 22-25
2016: May 13-16
2017: June 2-5
2018: May 18-21
2019: June 7-10
2020: May 29-June 1

WGT is a massive international gathering with around 50,000 attendees. There are 300+ bands and DJ’s playing throughout the city day and night from small indoor venues to the huge Agra Messepark concert stage. In recent years the music has broadened considerably. There’s a Pagan village, shopping and other non-music events as well.


WGT is well-known for attracting an open-minded and relaxed crowd. It’s predominately a younger scene although you’ll find aging older goths and even goth families. There is rarely any report of trouble which is incredible given the scale of this event.


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[content last updated February 2015]

5 thoughts on “Wave Gotik Treffen”

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  2. It used to be much larger and at it’s peak there were “1001 events” such as bands, lectures, signings and DJ nights, not including a tremendous amount of non-official things.

    It’s still a lot of fun though. 🙂

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