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#8 tram Leipzig
#8 tram Leipzig

Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB) GmbH operates a large tram system with 218kms of track and 13 routes. It’s a big network even by German standards. Sometimes a tram will display “E” after the number signifying it varies from the normal route. There’s even an “S” variant that is a Tourist Tour tram. You can travel and transfer across the tram, bus, regional train, and S-Bahn network with the same ticket.

LVB operate 30 or so bus routes as well (some seasonal). Tram and bus routes will often divert their routes due to construction work. Use these network maps in conjuction with our area guide to see which trams and buses go where.

Trams are the main transport arteries and buses are the capillaries that link up key stops on different tram lines. For example, the 74 bus weaves its way from the busy Lindenauer Markt tram stop through Schleußig and Südvorstadt finally connecting with the terminuses of tram line 2 and line 4 on the opposite side of the city. The bus and tram network together is very comprehensive but being closer to a tram stop rather than a bus stop is better – trams are faster with much better schedules.



It’s worth figuring out the trams, it will make your life so much easier:

  • There are ticket machines onboard and at tram stops in multiple languages. It’s €1.80 for a “short journey” of 4 stops. The €2.60 “one-way” ticket gives unlimited travel and transfer for one hour within greater Leipzig (Zone 110) including the S-Bahn.
  • You’ll need a ticket for your bicycle, your pet (unless it’s very small or in hand-held box) or any bulky item you want to carry on the tram with you. Just buy the same ticket twice.
  • If your ticket isn’t automatically time stamped, do so with the nearby Entwerter machine. Your ticket isn’t valid until time stamped.
  • Weekly and monthly tickets are not especially good deals. If you are in Leipzig for a few months consider the ABO Flex card. See below for where to buy.



You can take a tram for four stops for €1.80 or a complete single journey, bus/tram/S-Bahn combo for €2.60. The MDV regional train network offers a one-day Tageskarte (“Day card”) for one person for €7.20 which covers bus, tram, S-Bahn, and regional trains for almost the entire Leipzig area. Two persons are €11.00 and so on, up to 5 adults per Tageskarte. Kids are supplement of €3.30 each. There are also weekly (“Wochenkarte”) and monthly (“Monatskarte”) variants which are OK value – you’ll need to travel a lot to make them worth it. Check them all out on the MDV tickets page. If you are staying in Leipzig for a few months consider the ABO Flex card. For a monthly flat fee this gives you discounts on purchased tickets.

Buy most tickets at machines found at tram/train platform stops. All tickets, including ABO Flex, can also be bought at the LVB-Mobilitätszentrum kiosk at Richard-Wagner-Str. (on the main pedestrian pathway between the Hauptbahnhof tram stop and the Zentrum), LVB service centre in the Zentrum (map), and the LVB service centre in Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 8.

Leipzig City Tourism also offers something called the Leipzig Card which is a combined discount for bus/tram/train and various Leipzig attractions, such as the Zoo.

Entwerter machine
Entwerter machine

Make sure you validate tickets whether for tram, bus or train in the “Entwerter”. This device is usually beside the ticket machine or inside the tram or bus, or in case of trains (such as your trip to/from Leipzig-Halle airport) on the platform. You’ll get fined efficiently and without mercy if caught with an un-validated ticket. The “short journey” four-stop tickets bought onboard the tram are automatically time stamped and only valid for that specific trip.

Leipzig’s recently expanded S-Bahn (Bahn Mitteldeutschland) network began operations in December 2013 and there are major continuing works on existing tram services.

#10 on Georg-Schumann-Straße
#10 on Georg-Schumann-Straße
spotted in Plagwitz
spotted in Plagwitz

Bayrischer Platz on a chilly day

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10 thoughts on “Tram & Bus”

  1. Hi – It’s not clear from the (really poor) LVB website if there’s a Tageskarte from the airport that includes a day’s worth of transport around Leipzig.or if there’s a special ticket that includes the S-Bahn from the airport as well? Any idea? Very many thanks!

    1. Yes, you can buy a Tageskarte from the ticket machines on the platforms at the airport. There are many other ticket options too for MDV, Deutsche Bahn, Regio, etc.

  2. For a weekly ticket, is it dated or do you have to validate it on the first day of use. I will be using it a lot, so figure a weekly ticket to be the right choice.

    1. You probably already have the answer to this question by now, but when you buy a weekly ticket, you choose the date that you want it to begin, and then the date is printed on it and you do not have to validate it. I love the weekly and monthly tickets because you just keep them on you and never have to waste time or effort buying tickets, validating them, etc.

  3. How can I get from the Leipzig airport to the Leipzig, Hbf Goethestraße ?except taxi. My flight will land at night 11pm, so would I be able to get to the Leipzig, Hbf Goethestraße till 1am?
    Thanks in advance

    1. There are regular s-bahn trains from airport to Leipzig Hbf / Goethestraße every 20 minutes or so. I believe, last one is approx 1am. Use this link to find out more. A taxi for same trip will be around 40 euros. For more info about getting to/from airport see Leipzig-Halle airport.

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