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You won’t go hungry in Leipzig. Besides the Zentrum and the four main entertainment areas (the Karli, Gottschedstraße, Karl-Heine, and Münzgasse) the city has a great selection of places to eat or drink. Like most things in Germany, you’ll find the food to be of a relatively high quality. This goes even for fast food as well as fine dining. Coffee, teas, beer (of course), and other prepared drinks are also very good.

For a review of recommended beer gardens (biergartens) check out Nightlife & Drinking.

Food doesn't get any more local than this
It doesn’t get any more local than this

Vegan & Vegetarian

Healthy eating is a major trend in Leipzig. If you are vegan or vegetarian or want organic (‘bio’) you will absolutely love the selection of places to eat out. You will find vegan and vegetarian menu items in the most surprising of places. Indeed it would be difficult to find a menu in Leipzig that doesn’t offer at least one non-meat or non-dairy option. Even fast food places such as kebab, pizza or hotdog shops will have veggie/cheese, bean, or soy alternatives to their usual fare.

In Connewitz there is a cluster of organic, vegan and vegetarian restaurants and fast food joints. On Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße there’s Deli, Le Cygne, Atacolypse2, and Vegan Lonestar. And on Bornaische Straße you’ll find Braker’s Go and Zest. Zest turns into a really nice hang out in the evenings.

Deli - Wolfgang-Heinze-strasse 12a
Deli – Wolfgang-Heinze-strasse 12a

Our recommendations

Check out our Reviews of places to eat. The following is a full list of our favourite spots:

       Casual & fast food

  • Beard Brothers (funky hotdogs)
  • Bagel Brothers (sandwiches, salads)
  • Burgermeister Der Grill (fast food)
  • San Remo (giant €3 pizza slices)
  • Thüringer Rostbratwurstgrill (traditional hotdogs)


       Best value

       Fine dining – €€€

  • Sakura (sushi)
  • Panorama (modern, view over the city)
  • Stadtpfeiffer Leipzig

      Vegan or Vegetarian

  • Symbiose
  • Vlescherei

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