Ökobad Lindenthal

The Ökobad in the Leipzig suburb of Linderthal is a wonderful place to go for a swim on a hot summer day. The swimming areas are “ecological swimming ponds”, that is, man-made pools partially overtaken by nature.

The pools are purified by a system using the aquatic plants, such as the water reeds, to filter the water. The water is fresh and clean and makes for a lovely alternative to swimming in chemically treated water. You’ll see frogs, ducks, dragonflies and other aquatic creatures making for a great experience.

Ökobad – kids pool

Ökobad - main pool
Ökobad – main pool

aaahh - refreshing!
aaahh – refreshing!

The Ökobad pools are surrounded by grass lawns and shady trees, perfect for catching some rays or having a picnic. It’s very family friendly and there are changing rooms and lockers. There’s a lifeguard too. There’s also a cool waterslide that young (and old) kids will enjoy.

The Poseidon restaurant on-site has a wooden deck overlooking the main pool. The Kirsch Cafe directly across the road from the entrance serves ice creams and snacks.

Across the road from entrance
Across the road from entrance

Standard entrance fee is €3.70 per person, but there’s generous discounts for families etc. Leipzig Card holders get in for €2.00. Opening hours are 12:00-19:00 daily (summer only). The most enjoyable way to spend an afternoon here is to take your bike. You can also take bus 87/88 or bus 90. There’s plenty of car parking as well.


Lots of space for picnics or sunbathing
Lots of space for picnics or sunbathing

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    1. I don’t think the Ökobad has a specific nudist area? (Someone please correct me if there is). But the various lakes around Leipzig such as Cospudener, Kulkwitzer etc. all have nudist areas. You can also get your kit off in the sauna area of the Sachsen Therme.

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