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Many visitors to Leipzig keep to the main nightlife areas of the Zentrum, in particular the alleyways of Fleischergasse, Barfußgässchen and Klostergasse just off Markt Square in the Zentrum. This popular location, also known as bar street, has dozens of bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs and what-not packed into a small area. There are no fixed closing hours so many places stay open serving alcohol all night.

Barfußgässchen (Bar Street)
Barfußgässchen (Bar Street)


The other main nightlife and drinking areas of the city are the Karli, Gottschedstraße, Karl-Heine, and Münzgasse. Check out our Reviews of the top bars and clubs. For cinema, concert, exhibition and nightlife listings check out Leipzig’s local ‘what’s on’ magazine Kreuzer Online.

Killiwilly's - The Karli
Killiwilly’s – the Karli


Beer Gardens (Biergarten)

This being Germany there’s loads of spots to drink or eat outside, especially in the warmer months. ‘Biergarten’ doesn’t just mean beer, it means a cozy outdoor space to relax, drink or eat. Most of the popular ones put out heaters and stay open in the winter (reduced hours).

Scherbers is a chilled-out historical beer garden out in Zentrum-West. It has a good menu and is kid-friendly. In Clara-Zetkin park there’s the Glashaus am Clarapark with a very nice restaurant that has indoor and outdoor seating. The Hafenbar on the Karli is a more youthful and more beer-drinking oriented establishment. Out in Plagwitz the Kasierbad is a chilled place for a drink or have snacks next to the Karl-Heine canal. Gosenschenke in Gohlis is an historical guesthouse and beer garden with a unique range of Gose beer specialities.

Sommergarten im Westwerk - Karl-Heine str. by the canal
Kasierbad – Karl-Heine str. by the canal


The Gosebrauerei at the Bayerischer Bahnhof in Zentrum-Sudost gets our top recommendation as the best beer garden in Leipzig. You can try the their Gose beer, brewed on premises, and order some very good traditional German cuisine (mostly meat oriented). The indoor area is very comfortable, light and airy so good for winter drinking.

Bayerischer Gosebrauerei
Bayerischer Gosebrauerei


Local venues range from the Leipzig Arena to small intimate places like Jazz Club Telegraph. Check out Arena-Ticket for a comprehensive listing and info. is another good online booking portal.


Here’s a list of the more popular venues:

  • ARENA Leipzig (mainstream concerts, shows)
  • Connewitz UT
  • Moritzbastei
  • naTo
  • Werke II (artsy)
  • Conne Island (youthful, alternative)
  • Parkbühne (in Clara-Zetkin park)

naTo on the Karli
naTo on the Karli



Adult entertainment

No discussion of Leipzig’s nightlife would be complete without mentioning the erotic alternatives. Germany is famous for it’s relaxed attitude to sex. For a comprehensive listing of adult entertainment in Leipzig check out the listings on


Check out Reviews of bars and clubs. The following is a full list of our recommendations:

  • Stoned (locals, younger)
  • Flower Power (cool ‘Ossie’ late bar)
  • Café Waldi (studenty, trendy)
  • Noch Besser Leben (hip, live music)
  • Barfly
  • Killiwilly (best Irish pub)
  • Gosebrauerei Bayerischer Bahnhof (Gose beer)
  • Kildare City bar (touristy)
  • Noels ballroom
  • McCormacks (next to Pata Negra)
  • Best of Nightlife Jamboree
  • Champions Sports Bar (wings, touristy)
  • Vodkaria (fancy food)


  • Darkflower (alternative)
  • Metropolis (strip club)
  • Club Twenty-two (mainstream)
  • Nightfever (mostly 80s, 90s)

Live & DJ music

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