The Leipzig New Lakelands (“Neuseenland”) is a network of lakes and interconnecting rivers around Leipzig developed over many years for the purpose of recreation. Some of the lakes are natural and some are former open cast mines. All the ones we’ve visited are beautiful.

The various lakes are connected by local rivers (Elster, Pleiße, Parthe) as well as man-made canals and channels and the sprawling Leipziger Auenwald (“floodplain forest”). This Auenwald cuts through central Leipzig and is one of the largest intact floodplain or riparian forest stands in Central Europe. There’s loads to explore and lots of year-round activities to do in this outdoor playground.

Elster- und Pleiße-Auenwald
Pleiße river in the Auenwald

The Elster and Pleiße rivers connect the New Lakelands in a north-south direction through central Leipzig. At the Leipzig City Harbour (“Stadthafen”) in Zentrum-West you can rent canoes and kayaks and from here explore the Auenwald from these waterways. You can also take a boat into Plagwitz and Schleußig on the Karl-Heine canal.


The most popular and accessible Leipzig lakes for a visit are the Cospunden See, Kulkwitzer See, and Markkleeberg See.

Cospudener see, with Markkleeberg see in background
Cospudener see, with Markkleeberg see in background

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