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furnished rental LeipzigA hotel or hostel will do for a week or two, maybe a month at a pinch. Eventually you will need a more settled and affordable solution. For stays in Leipzig less than 18 months it probably makes financial sense to get a furnished property on a fixed lease. While costing more on a monthly basis than ‘German-style’ renting you will avoid the headache and cost of finding furniture and appliances, installing a kitchen, and the hassle of cable TV or internet contracts. Renting this way initially also means getting a local renting history and landlord reference.


As a rough guide you will pay about 30-40% more per month for a furnished/kitchened fixed-lease rental apartment compared to an equivalent ‘German-style’ unfurnished rental on an open-ended lease.

Typical offers combine the basic cold rent (‘kaltmiete’), warm rent (‘warmmiete’) and extras such as internet connection and all energy costs into one single monthly payment. Some rentals come with à la carte extras such as parking or weekly cleaning. And you’ll have someone to contact should things go wrong.

It’s important to keep a signed copy of the lease contract outlining rules for early termination, any penalties for excessive utility usage or final cleaning charges. Be aware that some letting agencies exclude their commission or VAT (EU sales tax) from their advertised rental prices. Some landlords may ask you pay the national Broadcast contribution, currently about €18/month. It’s very unlikely you’ll be asked to pay property tax (‘Grundsteuer’) separately. In any case, all of this should be made clear in the terms of the lease.

Alternatively if you’re definitely staying for 18 months or more and you know which part of Leipzig you want to live in, then it’s probably cheaper to get a German-style rental. Try to find one with a kitchen installed (‘EBK’). You can furnish it affordably at IKEA or OBI or with used furniture. See our section on German-style renting.

Accommodation (furnished, fixed lease) - central - mthlyAverage EUR
Flatshare - 12sqm bedroom - including utilities235.00 €
1 bed apartment (45sqm) - all inclusive - low500.00 €
1 bed apartment (>55sqm) - all inclusive - high975.00 €



A web search for “furnished apartment for rent in Leipzig” or variations along those lines, will generate a bewildering array of results. Many of these will be repeating the same listing over and over. Your searches will uncover everything from flatshares to palatial mansions, available from one night to minimum several month stays. I try to recommend the best listing portals for Leipzig – if you find a good one I’ve missed post it in comments below.

You should first check Germany’s two big property search portals. Search Immobilienscout24 under “wohnen auf zeit” (temporary accommodation), and search Immowelt under “mobliertes wohnen” (furnished living). Note: Immonet and Immowelt are two brands of the same company.

For short-let apartments both Wimdu and 9flats are worth a look. They have a wide range of private units on offer in Leipzig. Similarly check out the apartments on Booking.com. Most landlords advertising on these sites speak English.

HC24.de advertise many Leipzig furnished rentals on the Web. Beware they usually charge extra for electricity, internet etc. in addition to the rent advertised, although they seem reputable with branches throughout Germany. Their Leipzig office at Prellerstraße 62 in Gohlis has multi-lingual staff.

Finally, check out our Hotels & Hostels section for information on serviced apartments. Serviced apartments occupy a niche somewhere between that of a day-to-day hotel and a fixed-lease rental. Although the ones aimed at corporate clients are pricey.



The University of Leipzig website offers excellent advice and tips which we think is valuable not only to students but anyone looking for cheaper accommodation in Leipzig.

Again, the Immo’s are a good starting point. Search Immobilienscout24 under “WGs” or “wohngemeinschaften” (room sharing), and search Immowelt under “mobliertes wohnen” (furnished living) and also “wohngemeinschaften”.

For cheaper Leipzig flatshares and rooms directly from the owner/existing tenant one of the better sites is 9flats. Previously mentioned Wimdu also lists private rooms for rent.

University of Leipzig students have access to more than 5,000 rooms all around the city. See Leipzig Studentenwerk. Check out Das Schwarze Brett (literally ‘the black boards’) for private sub-lets and flatshares and everything else advertised within the University community. You don’t have to be a student to use this service. Leipzig Craiglist carries a varied selection of accommodation ads. Student orientated accommodation in Leipzig can be found at Youniq.de and Erasmusu.com

Also if your German is passable take a look at wg-gesucht.de and zwischenmiete.de for short term rooms and flatshares.

Finally, no mention of cheap or studenty or alternative accommodation in Leipzig is complete without mentioning the Wächterhäuser scheme. Yes, you can literally live rent free in Leipzig.

Students outside the Leipzig University Library on Beethovenstraße
Students outside the Leipzig University Library on Beethovenstraße

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  1. Hello, this is Jason from Singapore who came over for further education at Leipzig University, currently staying in hotel. I am looking for a room urgently. And Is that fine if making payment in cash in person? As I do not have bank account over here yet.

    1. Bank transfer means having e-record, but paying cash in person is fine. I’ve never heard of any scams but nevertheless keep your wits about you. Get owner/landlord details, pay only after seeing inside the property and get a signed copy of lease agreement at same time. For temporary fixed lease rentals the current tenant will be obliged to allow viewings. Speak with them to make sure it’s legit. You will need a bank account, so I suggest you get one ASAP

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