At 45m elevation the lush forested Fockeberg hill south of the Zentrum provides sweeping views over Leipzig.

You would never suspect it unless someone told you, but this is not a natural hill rather a ‘Schuttberg’ or debris pile left over from the devastation of WW2 bombings. Most major cities in Germany have at least one of these things.

View of Zentrum from Fockeberg summit
Summer-time view of Zentrum from Fockeberg summit

Fockeberg is a really nice bike or walk any time of year. The views are amazing on a clear winter evening when all the foliage is gone. The hill was named after Fockestraße from where you access the trail up to the top here (map). Bus 89 stops at nearby Steinstraße.

Entrance off Fockestraße
Entrance off Fockestraße

A paved trail runs up the hill to a big flat area where you can take in the views all around. Mountain bikers like the numerous dirt trails. The summit is a popular venue for chilling out, fun events (‘soapbox derby’ etc) and often gets big crowds on New Years Eve.

Top of Fockeberg
Top of Fockeberg

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