Connewitz is a large area that takes up most of what’s officially called Süd (‘south’) Leipig. The other part next to the Zentrum is Südvorstadt. Yet despite the official designation Leipzigers consider Connewitz and Südvorstadt to be two quite distinct areas of the city. Most of Connewitz is actually forested land.

In some ways Connewitz shares the same alternative vibe as Plagwitz. However Connewitz is less trendy with a more genuine down-at-heel feel about it. You’ll find a curious mixture of ordinary working folk and retired older people, students, and dreadlocked hippies. There is also a slightly anarchic element focused around Stockartstraße. The police have made drug busts at several of the semi-derelict houses on this street.

Connewitz has several positive things going for it. Firstly, it’s well connected to the Zentrum. Karl-Liebknecht-Straße extends south down through Südvorstadt ending at the busy Connewitz-Kreuz tram stop (trams 9, 10, 11). Residents have easy access to the Leipziger Ratsholz (‘city council’) forests, and recreational areas that stretch from Clara Zetkin park down to Elster und Pleiße-Auenwald, the Wildpark and further on down to the Cospudener See. There’s also good nightlife and restaurants focused on catering to a low-budget and studenty clientle. The exceptionally good Werke II venue hosts some impressive international bands, theatre, art and other cultural events. Also check out UT Connewitz.

Probably the biggest practical attraction of Connewitz is the low cost of living here. Rents and property prices remain some of the lowest among Leipzig’s central areas and would be on par with the Zentrum-Ost. You’ll find local services, groceries, restaurants and bars all slightly cheaper than the more fancy offerings further up Karl-Liebknecht-Straße.

(See more photos of Connewitz here)

Peace and Love anarchy in Connewitz
Peace and Love in Connewitz


Bornaische Straße
Bornaische Straße


Fruit and veg in Connewitz
Fruit and veg in Connewitz




Easy easy access to the city council forests, river and recreational areas
Leipziger Ratsholz forests, river and recreational areas


film, music and theatre venue UT Connewitz
film, music and theatre venue UT Connewitz

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