Here are some recommendations for fiction, photography, history, and travel books connected to Leipzig. In English unless noted otherwise. Enjoy.

The Leipzig Affair

Before and after Unification thriller. Set mostly in 1980s Leipzig. Good train / flight read.

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Leipzig: Fotografien 1956-1959

Rare photographs from the height of the GDR regime. Text in German.

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Adventure Guide to Germany

One of the few guidebooks to cover Saxony including Leipzig and Dresden, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. From 2005 but still relevant.

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Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall

Stories from Berlin and Leipzig about what the Stasi (GDR secret police) did and how it affected people’s lives before and after the fall of the wall.

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Leipzig – Stadt des Wandels: City of Change

If you were to get only one glossy coffee table photo-book on Leipzig, this is it. Nice gift.

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In Darkest Leipzig

A kinda Paul-Bowles-ish fictional tale of urban dystopia in Lindenau. Fortunately, Lindenau is full of hipsters nowadays. In German.

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The Battle of Leipzig 1813

Fascinating explanation of the 1813 Battle of Leipzig, the largest battle in Europe prior to World War I. The French Grande Armée lost and Napoleon abdicated soon after.

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Lost Places Leipzig

Another great coffee table photo-book. Visual trip through hidden parts of Leipzig most of us will never see. German and English text.

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