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This 16km trail takes you through the urban jungle of Leipzig Ost, or Leipzig ‘East’. The east end of the city is the gritty working class part, but we think it’s an overlooked gem. You’ll find a surprising amount of greenery, such as forests, parks, a lake, and even an outdoor swimming pool. There’s residential areas where ‘real’ Leipzigers live, the shopping and entertainment Alte-Messe zone, Leipzig’s Botanical Gardens, and the Deutsche National Bibliothek. And, except for the Battle of Nations monument, neither a tourist nor a trendy hipster in sight.

Our trail starts at the Swan Pond (“Schwanenteich”) in the Zentrum near the Hauptbahnhof. And it ends at Milchbar Pinguin on Katharinenstraße 4 in the Zentrum. The Pinguin is an icon of the GDR days. Here you can end your trip with a well deserved dessert treat or beverage. About 2/3 way through you’ll stop by the Battle of Nations monument (“Volkerschlachtdenkmal”).

Just underneath the map above you’ll see a chart showing elevation and distance for the route. Hover over the blue line and a yellow triangle appears in the map. Use this to locate the points of interest mentioned below:

Km 2.5: Lene-Voigt-Park

From the Swan Pond go east across the busy Georgiring and around the big tower with giant rotating ‘M’ sign. There’s any number of streets to make your way to the Lene-Voigt-Park, but our way will take you through the quieter back streets. Once at Lene-Voigt Park go through it and continue down the bike path before veering off north onto to Mierendorffstraße.

Lene-Voigt Park
Lene-Voigt Park


Km 5.5: Stünzer Park / Allotments

Stünzer park and pond (“teich”) is an oasis of tranquility. Following our trail you will bike through an area of garden allotments (note the no biking signs on some pathways, walk your bike). Check out the little summer houses on some allotments. This is a bit of Leipzig few visitors get to see.

Allotments on way to Stünzer Park
Allotments on way to Stünzer Park


Km 7.7: Sommerbad Südost

This one of several public outdoor pools around Leipzig. Perfect for a hot summers day. From here follow our trail through Stötteritz, a district of mostly quiet residential streets, towards Prager Straße.


Km 9.8: Battle of Nations / Südfriedhof

Südfriedhof (“South Cemetery”) is a serene cemetery just behind the Battle of Nations monument. Enter at the main gate here off Prager Straße. Wind your way through the gorgeous and peaceful forested grounds around to the front of the Battle of Nations monument. If you have the time, lock up your bike(s) and pay a visit to this top Leipzig attraction.

Church in grounds of Südfriedhof cemetery
Church in grounds of Südfriedhof cemetery


Km 11.2: Alte-Messe

Directly across the road from the monument is the Parkrestaurant am Völkerschlachtdenkmal. Bike through the park behind this and hook up with Straße des 18 Oktober. Take this road (and bridge) directly into the Alte-Messe grounds. During the GDR era the Alte-Messe hosted trade and cultural exhibitions. Today this area in Zentrum-Südost is undergoing massive transformation. You’ll find a beach bar call La Playa, a huge indoor soccer facility, automobile dealers, a few big box retail stores, Lucky Bike, and a large HIT supermarket.

Head north out of Alte-Messe past the the Deutsche National Bibliothek towards Friedens Park.

La Playa beach bar, Alte-Messe
La Playa beach bar, Alte-Messe


Km 12.5: Friedens Park

“Freedom Park” is a lovely and natural space with loads of shady trees and interesting art. Bike through and find the north gate which spills out onto Linnéstraße and directly ahead is the busy Ostplatz on Prager Straße. To your left on Linnéstraße is Leipzig Botanical Garden. The remainder of our trail takes you up through the main campus of the University of Leipzig, and back to the Zentrum.

Friedens Park
Friedens Park

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2 thoughts on “Biking – The Ost”

  1. Thanks for the Ost cycle guide. It was great to see another side of Leipzig and a varied and interesting route. Amazing how green the East is. Chris

    1. Yep Chris, the Ost is under-rated IMHO. Glad you found the biking guide useful. However it omits the very atmospheric Old St. John’s cemetery (Alter Johannisfriedhof) – I didn’t know about it when I did the ride 😉 Most of old Leipzig’s prominent citizens were buried here including Richard Wagner’s parents. Well worth a look. I’ll include it in my next update. (the cemetery is part of the Leipzig Music Trail also worth doing)

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