Biking – Schkeuditz along the Neue Luppe

This 15km ride takes you up a (mostly) well-maintained trail along the Neue Luppe waterway to the town of Schkeuditz. From there you can hop on the 11 tram to go directly back to Leipzig, or simply backtrack the way you came. There’s also the options to turn-off for the tram at km 8.4 or at km 10.7 visit a wonderful forest tavern. Most of this trail is paved asphalt running alongside the water with forest or open fields on either side.

The trail starts at the Zentrum side of the Palmengarten just north of Käthie-Kollwitz street (opposite the Bachviertel). If you can see the big Elster weir / bridge structure you’re in the right place. The weir marks the southern end of the big man-made Elster river basin. This was completed in the 1930s to contain flood waters from the Elster river. Nowadays both the Elster and the Neue Luppe empty into this basin.

Just underneath the map above you’ll see a chart showing elevation and distance for the route. Hover over the blue line and a yellow triangle appears in the map. Use this to locate the points of interest mentioned below:

Km 2.6: North end of Elster basin

Head northwards up the east side of the Elster river basin. Soon you will dip under the Jahnalle bridge and find yourself riding alongside the Red Bull Arena. Keep going. Go under another smaller bridge (Landauer Brücke – watch your head!). Soon you’ll reach the north end of the Elster basin. There’s another smaller weir and some metal footbridges to help you get around the City Waterworks and onto the Neue Luppe trail.

Refreshment pitstop
Refreshment pitstop

Weir next to City Waterworks
Weir next to City Waterworks


Km 4.4: Auensee

The trail and the Neue Luppe waterway now stretches out before you. The next major landmark is a small lake called the Auensee. This is a curious place complete with abandoned hotel and a seasonal miniature train attraction. There’s a little pub here called “Haus am See” with beer garden and food. In the summer there’s another refreshment/snack place by the hotel. You can fish in the lake too.

Neue Luppe waterway
Start of Neue Luppe waterway

train around the Auensee - not just for kids ;)
train around the Auensee – not just for kids 😉


Km 5.2: Campground

Leaving behind the Auensee, you will cross over the (sometimes) busy Gustav-Esche-Straße. Continue on. Next on your right you’ll see some camping, RV and sports grounds. There’s often horseback riding around here, so presumably there are stables nearby.

Mind the horses!
Mind the horses!


Km 8.4: Quasnitz, Lützschena

Your legs will get a good stretch before reaching the next landmark and a potential turning-off point. At around the km 8.4 point you’ll intersect the Am Pfingstanger road. If you turn right onto this rural road you enter the village of Quasnitz in the Lützschena district. On the opposite side of this village there’s a convenient number 11 tram stop. If you want, cut your ride short and take this back to Leipzig or on to Schkeuditz.

Bridge to Quasnitz in Lützschena district
Bridge to Quasnitz in Lützschena district


Km 10.7: Gundorfer Linie / Town centre

Another couple of kilometres past the Quasnitz turn-off and still on the trail, you’ll see a sign for Schkeuditz via the Gundorfer Linie. Take this very straight and long, but quite scenic forested trail to the main road (186). Turn right at this main road and ride the last 1.5 km up into Schkeuditz town centre. Schkeuditz is a pleasant little town with several places to eat, shop or just chill out for a while. The number 11 tram terminus is slap bang right in the town centre, you can’t miss it.

Alternatively, at this point you can take the little bridge over the water and head for the Domholzschänke. This is an historical tavern in the forest. It is a welcome destination for some refreshment and relaxation. There’s a full restaurant, café, and beer garden. Open year round and on Sundays too. It’s also possible to return to Leipzig from here through the forest and via the suburb of Leutzsch.


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