Leipzig has loads of recreational biking trails in and around the city perfect for leisurely day or half day rides. In fact, there’s probably far too many options to mention all of them. It seems there’s bike paths and trails everywhere. The city is also hooked up to the many long-distance biking routes that Germany is well-known for. For information on all types of biking in Germany and Leipzig a great resource is

Off-road, on-road hybrid bike
Off-road, on-road hybrid

If you’re interested in more practical information about using a bicycle in Leipzig, including how, what and where to get a bike, then check out our section here.

We’re massive fans of packing some lunch and getting out on our bike on a sunny day. Check out our three favourites rides, summarised below. Click on the links for more details:

Clara-Zetkin Park to Cospudener See – 17km

This ride starts at the Sachsenbrücke in Clara Zetkin Park. A truly great ride anytime of year. The bit between the park and north beach at the lake is an especially fun winter ride as the forest looks stunning in the snow, and the trail is relatively sheltered from wind. There’s very little interaction with roads and vehicle traffic on this trail.

Sachsenbrücke, Clara-Zetkin Park
Sachsenbrücke, Clara-Zetkin Park

Sachsenbrücke, Clara-Zetkin Park
Sachsenbrücke, Clara-Zetkin Park


Schkeuditz along the Neue Luppe – 15km

This rides starts at the Elster weir at the south end of the Elster basin in the Palmengarten. This ride can be done anytime of year, but it’s a bit open so not great on cold windy days. For some reason it seems not a very popular trail – all the better for seeking solitude. The trail is 15km one-way and our suggestion is you take the number 11 tram back to Leipzig (with your bike of course) from Schkeuditz. There’s also the opportunity to turn-off early and take the tram back to at km 8.4 point.

Elster Weir ("Elsterwehr") at Palmengarten
Elster Weir (“Elsterwehr”) at Palmengarten


The Ost – 16km

This ride starts at Swan Pond in the Zentrum, across from the big ‘M’ tower. This is mostly an urban ride. So not recommended for winter time when there’s slush and ice around. It’s a circular route that starts and ends in the Zentrum. You will be surprised by the variety of cool stuff to see in the Ost (“east”) of the city!

Swan Pond ("Schwanenteich") beside the big 'M' tower
Swan Pond (“Schwanenteich”) beside the big ‘M’ tower

Have fun and safe riding!

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