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One-journey ticket €2.60
One-journey ticket €2.60
The tables below include common items with average prices sampled in Q3 2014. It’s a simple and subjective list of items, which of course won’t reflect exactly your own needs. This is the third annual sample we’ve done and prices have changed very little in the past year. Except for rents (and hotels), which have increased notably in some areas, prices in Leipzig have been generally stable for the past three years

For food items we sampled Netto, Rewe, Lidl, Aldi, Norma, and Konsum as well as neighbourhood bakeries and corner stores. You’ll find all of these dotted around every part of central Leipzig. We excluded specialty shops, high-end retailers, bio-stores and gourmet deli’s etc. from our survey.

Rental accommodation is cheap by international standards. A bicycle will cut your transportation costs dramatically although a complete one-journey ticket to/from anywhere in the central areas of Leipzig is good value at cash fare of €2.60. The standard price for half litre of beer in central area pubs is €2.50-3.20. Regular petrol (gasoline) averages €1.57 per litre which is up 3 cents since last year. A McDonalds Big Mac meal deal €5.99 – the same price it’s been for the past three years.

For details on how to live well on little money see our Budget Living section.

Accommodation (furnished, fixed lease) - central - mthlyAverage EUR
Flatshare - 12sqm bedroom - including utilities235.00 €
1 bed apartment (45sqm) - all inclusive - low500.00 €
1 bed apartment (>55sqm) - all inclusive - high975.00 €

Accommodation (German style) - per sqm mthlyAverage EUR
Utilities total (electricity, heat, internet etc.)1.75 €
Basic rent, central (per sqm) - low4.00 €
Basic rent, central (per sqm) - high8.50 €

Central mid-size grocery store (see notes 1, 2)Average (EUR)
Water (still or sparkling, 1.5 litre)0.19 €
1 large banana0.22 €
Milk (1.5%), 1 litre0.65 €
Imported beer (0.33 litre bottle)0.80 €
Domestic beer (0.5 litre bottle)0.85 €
Tomato juice (1 litre)0.89 €
Bag of clementines (8 pieces)0.89 €
Jar of mayonnaise (local brand, 250ml)0.98 €
Roll on deodorant (50ml)0.99 €
Loaf of fresh bread (500g)1.00 €
Tampons (domestic brand, 40)1.10 €
Natural yogurt (500g) 1.15 €
Spaghetti (1kg)1.25 €
Eggs (12)1.29 €
Meatballs in cream sauce (frozen, 450g)1.49 €
Salami tray 120g (or similar)1.65 €
Fresh orange juice (1 litre)1.75 €
M&Ms chocolate peanuts (209g)1.89 €
Filled pasta (250g)1.94 €
Apples (1kg)2.00 €
Chicken breasts (boneless, skinless, 1kg)2.50 €
Rice (500g)2.52 €
Local cheese (500g)2.75 €
Fish in oil (herring, 250g)2.79 €
1 medium frozen pizza (international brand)2.89 €
Cornflakes (local brand)2.99 €
Shampoo (international brand, 300ml)3.24 €
Fresh prepared salad (w/ feta cheese, 450g)3.40 €
Pack of cigarettes (local brand)5.00 €
Bottle of wine (mid-range)5.00 €

Life and leisureAverage EUR
1 min. of prepaid mobile tariff Local0.09 €
Take-away Rostbratwurst (hot dog)2.00 €
Gin & tonic @ KilliWilly pub4.20 €
Cinema, 1 adult7.00 €
Internet mthly (unlimited data, 12mth contract)20.00 €
Fitness club, monthly adult fee37.50 €
Walk or bike in the parkFree 🙂

Local transportation Average (EUR)
Gasoline (1 litre)1.57 €
Taxi (normal tariff per km)1.75 €
One-journey ticket (tram/bus combo)2.40 €
One-way S-Bahn train to/from airport4.20 €
Monthly tram & bus pass (regular Price)50.00 €
Bicycle tripFree 🙂

Note 1: Beware that the €0.45 bottle or can of fizzy looks good value until you get to the check out. You will be charged a “leergut” fee or “pfand” (deposit) on recyclable glass, metal, and plastic containers of anywhere from €0.08 to 0.25. Use the leergut-automat machine next time to reclaim your cashola, or just ask the cashier.

Note 2: Bring your own or else pay €0.10 per bag.

Konsum supermarket in the Musikviertel
Konsum supermarket in the Musikviertel

Neighbourhood bakery and corner store
Neighbourhood bakery and corner store

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