5 coolest Leipzig blogs

The Web is booming with material about Leipzig. Much of it though is uninspiring mainstream travel articles, student media projects, intensely personal stuff, Tumblr photoblogs etc. But over the years I’ve noticed some great blogs that anyone interested in Leipzig should probably keep on their reading list.

Almost all the good stuff is in German. So if your Deutsch lesekompetenz isn’t what it should be you might want to use a browser with built-in language translation (I like Chrome).

Here’s my personal top 5 coolest Leipzig blogs:

#5 thisistopa

I keep finding myself drawn back to this quirky and delightful blog that gives readers snippets of life in Leipzig (or is it ‘LEipzig’?). thisistopa has great taste in music, and there’s cool photos, and recipes. Well-written in English too.

#4 geheimtipp-leipzig

This blogs byline translates literally to, “non-commercial recommendations for Leipzig and guests”. Does that not say a lot about Leipzig or what?! And that’s pretty much exactly what the site is all about. There’s even an App to accompany the website.

#3 karl-heine-boulevard

Karl-Heine-Boulevard is an honest-to-goodness local area blog devoted to all things Karl-Heine and it’s Motherland, the über hip area of Plagwitz. What do you mean you didn’t know Plagwitz was one of the world’s coolest hipster neighbourhoods?

#2 heldenstadt

The people behind ‘City of Heroes’ re-publish newsy items about Leipzig, produce a fun podcast, and create the “Sound Of Leipzig” playlist on Spotify. And if that’s not enough, then check out their comprehensive list of Leipzig bloggers. Easily waste a cold wet Sunday checking out that list!

#1 leipzig-leben

Leipzig Lieben has the byline, “Culture, Tips and Events”. This site has an enormous amount of articles about, well, culture and events throughout Leipzig. The sheer volume of useful info makes this site #1 in my book. If you’re looking for timely ideas for going out, happenings or things to do in Leipzig this is a fantastic place to start.
Finally, some honourable mentions:

Yes, an entire blog devoted to reviewing Asian restaurants in Leipzig.

Indispensable place to find latest news stories.

Refreshing pushback against the ‘Hypezig’ internet meme.

Funny, and sh*tty. Please come back.

Vegan, retro, Leipzig.

Deserves a mention for the sheer weirdness.

Have I missed anything? If there’s any blog or resource you think deserves a mention write it in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you so much for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts about it here! This made my day! 🙂 Corina

    PS: Leipziger use to say LE short for Leipzig. I don’t know where it came from but it might be because it sounds like L.A. and therefore kinda like extra cool. 😉

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