Booming Bachviertel

Real estate construction is booming in Leipzig and nowhere is this more apparent than in the Bachviertel. The Bachviertel has long been one of the top residential areas of Leipzig. The quality and prices of new residential developments here certainly confirm this high ranking. As well, there’s on-going construction at the Thomasscule (St. Thomas School) and a brand new Konsum supermarket is being completed for opening in August.

Lassalle Parkvillen apartments Leipzig
Lassalle Parkvillen apartments

We understand the 31 super-luxury Lassalle Parkvillen apartments went for prices in excess of €2,500 per square metre. There are three elegant towers and two penthouses of more than 300m2 each. The location is second to none on the quiet Zentrum end of Ferdinand-Lassalle-Straße with unobstructed views south-east directly onto Johanna park. All the amenities of the Zentrum and the Musikviertel across the park are at residents fingertips. Truly, you’d be hard pressed to find a better position in central Leipzig. All but three units were sold-out before construction started in early 2012. We would love to know who in Leipzig can afford almost one million euro apartments!

The Aroma Werke development was built on the former site of a natural oils factory. Some of the key features of the old factory (‘werke’) were retained within the complex and also inside some of the units. This very large development has been under construction for some time and is now nearing completion. Sitting to the extreme east of the Bachviertel, the part closest to the Zentrum, it occupies half a block with Schreberstraße on one side, Gustav-Mahler-Straße the other. The historic Luther church and Johanna park are only about 100m away. There’s dozens of units with a great a mixture of sizes and styles. Prices here were (are?) in the €1500-2250/m2 range.

Aroma Werke development Leipzig
Aroma Werke development

The Ad Fonte Musica has just recently broke ground and looks to be another significant residential development. Similar in style to Lassalle Parkvillen this project will have three low rise towers, and similar to Aroma Werke some period details of the site will be incorporated into the exterior design. We didn’t check but would expect asking prices to be well north of €2,000/m2.

Ad Fontes Musica Leipzig
Ad Fontes Musica

The former derelict house at Moschelesstrasse 1 was waiting patiently for the right developer to come along and transform it back to its former glory. The location is fantastic being situated directly on Ferdinand-Lassalle-Straße overlooking Clara Zetkin park, with the River Elster closeby. There’s only 7 units and each is grand in size and with many retained period features. When this project is complete the Bachviertel will have another super high-end residential property.

Moschelesstraße 1 Leipzig
Moschelesstraße 1

Slightly more modest in scope than the previous ones but still qualifying as “high end” is the renovation happening to the Altbau at Davidstraße 8. The company Ehrenthaler & Töchter are sympathically re-modelling the entire building into six unique apartments. One of the units is a duplex and the penthouse has a great looking terrace. Expect at least €2,000/m2 here.

The historic Thomasscule (or St. Thomas School) in the Bachviertel has been under-going an ambitious re-development project for the last several years. Another major piece of the puzzle has come together with the very recent completion of the musical education building at the corner of Hillerstraße and Sebastian-Bach-Straße (see photo below).

And finally, the new local Konsum supermarket is taking shape. The old one was a bit tired and too small. It was shut down in January of this year and a completely new re-built replacement is expected to open this August. It looks like it’ll be twice the size of the old one and may have a separate bakery and coffee shop. Residents of the Bachviertel will finally have a proper full-size supermarket that befits their locale.

Thomasscule musical education building Leipzig
Thomasscule musical education building

Konsum Bachviertel Leipzig
Konsum Bachviertel